How to Delete a Git branch?

Delete a git branch Delete a local branch : Syntax: git branch -d<branch> git branch -d test-branch If you face any error like "error: The branch 'test-branch' is not fully merged" and you are still want to delete this branch then you can forcefully delete. Use 'git branch -D test-branch'…

Install RPM in CentOS

Install RPM in CentOS RPM Package Manager (RPM), originally called the Red-hat Package Manager, is a program to install or uninstall software packages or libraries in Linux. To install RPM in CentOS, first download the RPM: $ wget now check in your directory will be available for installation. To install…

Run Mysql Query from Command Line

Shell script to run mysql query from command line without login into mysql command prompt.  You can use these shell script for quickly execution of MySQL query from a Linux Shell. Method 1: #!/bin/bash #Script to run mysql query from command line #Db Connection. DB_USER='root' DB_PASSWD='mypwd' DB_NAME='mydb' #Prepare sql query QUERY='select *…
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