How to use CURL with Proxy

This post will be demonstrating how to use curl with proxy in PHP and Linux command line. What is additional parameter we need to pass while using curl via proxy. So I am starting with proxy configuration in PHP curl. 1) PHP curl with proxy $url = 'http://localhost/path/'; $proxy =…

$this vs self in php

$this vs self in php: $this refers to the current object of the class and self refers to the current class itself. $this can not be used inside static function whereas self can be used inside static function. When we need to access static function and reference static member variable…

Merge array recursively in PHP

If you want merge array recursively in php then you can use array_merge_recursive function. It will merge all the array elements having same string keys and it returns the resulting array. Syntax: array array_merge ( array $array1 ) Note :- Values in the input array with numeric keys will be…

New features in PHP 5.6

New features in PHP 1) Variadic functions via ... 2) Argument unpacking via ... 3) Changes in File uploads 4) Importing namespace functions 5) Exponentiation Operator in PHP (**)   1) Variadic functions via ... Currently variadic functions are implemented by fetching the function arguments using func_get_args() . If we…

Getting Started with FuelPHP

Getting Started with FuelPHP FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5 web framework. It was born out of the frustrations people have with the current available frameworks and developed with support from a community of developers. FuelPHP is extremely portable, works on almost any server and prides itself…

Count matching occurrences in php array

You can Count matching occurrences in php array using php array function array_count_values() Syntax: array array_count_values ( array $array ) array_count_values() returns an array using the values of array as keys and their frequency in array as values.  Example:-   <?php       $array = array(1,"roopendra",1,"php","roopendra");       print_r(array_count_values($array));   ?> Above code will…

Validate URL in PHP

You can validate URL in PHP using regular expression or using validate filters Validate URL using regular expression: Example:- <?php // Write you regular expression patttern to match URL $pattern = "/\b(?:(?:https?|ftp):\/\/|www\.)*/i"; // Assign URL to $URL variable $URL = ';name=roop'; // Check url using preg_match if ( preg_match($pattern, $URL)…
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