CircuitBreaking Exception: Data Too Large for field parent/child id cache

You might get this problem with fielddata size limit. fielddata size limit is checked after the query data is loaded. When your elasticsearch query tried to load data more than the fielddata available memory then you would get the OutOfMemoryException. Caused by: : Data too large, data for field would…

How to Delete a Git branch?

Delete a git branch Delete a local branch : Syntax: git branch -d<branch> git branch -d test-branch If you face any error like "error: The branch 'test-branch' is not fully merged" and you are still want to delete this branch then you can forcefully delete. Use 'git branch -D test-branch'…

Ansible Playbook validations

Ansible Playbook validations : While writing ansible playbook sometime we need to validate extra vars parameter or tasks. So that we can run ansible playbook without any fatal error or warning. These are few condition you might validate If specific extra vars parameter are passed then execute some task. extra…
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