Validate URL in PHP

You can validate URL in PHP using regular expression or using validate filters Validate URL using regular expression: Example:- <?php // Write you regular expression patttern to match URL $pattern = "/\b(?:(?:https?|ftp):\/\/|www\.)*/i"; // Assign URL to $URL variable $URL = ';name=roop'; // Check url using preg_match if ( preg_match($pattern, $URL)…

Post JSON data via PHP cURL

Post JSON data via PHP cURL We can Post JSON data via PHP curl by using header Content-Type: application/json in CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER. Below is working code demonstration of PHP curl with post json field. <?php $url = ''; $jsonString = json_encode(array("key" => "value")); // You can directly replace your JSON string with…
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